Not like anyone is going to read these anyway, lol.

Greatest Night Of MY Life.

2009-03-13 09:09:38 by ectsoman


Put Your Audio On!!!!

2008-03-15 23:39:28 by ectsoman

- I am currently adding Newgrounds audio to If you would like to add your audio just leave a comment with a link to the song.

- Mortosdersoulstealer is the one who found this out so much credit goes to him, he has some great audio as well, so check that out if you would.

- This'll probably help out your song and get it noticed as well.

Started My Own Forums

2008-02-18 21:39:21 by ectsoman

New Forums, with links to good music funny videos, and a section with flash games, come join we need more Newgrounders. Come promote your Flashes and Audio!

Something Less Forums

Fresh Prince Of Remix

2007-12-03 18:30:45 by ectsoman

I Feel Like Making Fresh Prince Remix's so send me funny situations and ideas to work off of, im incredibly bored right now.


2007-11-25 18:25:07 by ectsoman

I recently came across an epic music program, Fl Studio, and i couldnt bear to leave the computer afterwards, but... i only have a mac os x laptop and Fl Studio is windows only, my question is this, does any know how to get Fl onto my laptop, or a way to run windows without loosing all my macprograms, like the program botcamp, but without paying?

woot my song "Fighting the Syndicate" is the Halloween 07 colab!!, and in spirit of halloween ive put together another kind of songthingy called "Alien Corridors" but i need a new name for it.


2007-09-29 00:57:55 by ectsoman

A Little Off But I Still Think I Did Decent On It.