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Not bad.

I'm commenting a few months late, but this is pretty sick. I'm surprised to see anything relatively new here, considering you fall off the face of the earth for months at a time and have a habit of being multiple people...

Ah School days Ah School days

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Fuckin saved! I dunno why I never thought you'd be over on 420chan ...

J-I-F responds:

Nobody knew...

Im also a 711chan/7channer

Blow my Mind Blow my Mind

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I came bricks.

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J-I-F responds:

Thank you thank you <3

Batman! Batman!

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Umm ...

Sorry to be an ass, but I believe you are "still in that rut".

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MOlsen101023 responds:

haha actually the drawing was meant to be a little abstract because thats my style but I was still in a rut at that time...thanks for the input