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[Koomie] Dance with me! [Koomie] Dance with me!

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I can hear that your songs are definitely general Garageband loops. Personally I dislike Garageband or using loops, but this is actually how I got started. I ended up playing with garageband so much that I wanted to make genuine music and eventually got better at it. Though they may be loops I can hear that you at least have good sound coordination for the most part, which is key.

Vikings On Toilets Vikings On Toilets

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I pictured a fleet of vikings taking shits on toilets sailing across the frozen ocean...

The only thing I have to suggest is maybe bringing the guitar a little forward and increasing high-end just a tad so it stands out just a bit more. Excellent work bro :D

The Clash Between The Clash Between

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I think I may have found another artist for my ipod lmao, I've heard very few good Post rock songs on Newgrounds, I love this track... thanks for that other review btw lol.

tootsie10 responds:

thanks for the review, i would be happy to be on your ipod!

Deadmau &amp;gt;*-*&amp;lt;Strobe Remix&amp;gt;*-*&amp;lt; Deadmau >*-*<Strobe Remix>*-*<

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad.

To be honest I don't like Deadmau5, but this wasn't that bad.

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Dead Hero (demo remix) Dead Hero (demo remix)

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I was sitting here like damn... this makes me think of Kurt Cobaine and I look down and half the reviews are about him.

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Gunshy responds:

this song is about him. and some others. but mostly him.

Asthetic Asthetic

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This is definately interesting lol, I wish the beat would have kicked in sooner, but I like this in a weird way, it's so ... charming I guess you could say lol. I ficed the drums on that piece you reviewed if you where wanting to look back into that, thanks for that review btw.

FlightPattern responds:

Hey no prob I'll check it out. Thanks for returning the favor.

All Alone Now All Alone Now

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I'm positive that if you keep it up you can go somewhere big with this stuff.

Aviated responds:

ha thanks and ill try, im workin on another like this so we'll see how it turns out lol, but thanks again for the review

stay aviated stay aviated

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This is beautiful stuff man,

You asked me for some tips but I can see you already have me beat easily. I would kill for a midi key board so I could have a beat like this one. All I have to add is to make compress the drum's just a little, they have a strong tone but the background music has a more reverbed melodic thing going so they sound a little seperated.

Ashes Fall From Jupiter Ashes Fall From Jupiter

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not all that bad.

I like the overall mood and tone of the piece. Not too much to criticize. I do think it would sound really good with just a bit of reverb or delay to fill in the slightly empty spots between each rest.

All Kids Out! - Adult Swim All Kids Out! - Adult Swim

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You just overlayed some sound clips to a song that adult swim used years ago. You didn't do anything at all.

Tantalis329 responds:

I wouldn't say that I did nothing at all, that is a tad harsh don't you think? It took a while to work on this, and it is a tribute to Adult Swim in the old days, so that was kinda the point. Either way, you are entitled to your opinion, Thanks for the review