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I can hear that your songs are definitely general Garageband loops. Personally I dislike Garageband or using loops, but this is actually how I got started. I ended up playing with garageband so much that I wanted to make genuine music and eventually got better at it. Though they may be loops I can hear that you at least have good sound coordination for the most part, which is key.


I pictured a fleet of vikings taking shits on toilets sailing across the frozen ocean...

The only thing I have to suggest is maybe bringing the guitar a little forward and increasing high-end just a tad so it stands out just a bit more. Excellent work bro :D


I think I may have found another artist for my ipod lmao, I've heard very few good Post rock songs on Newgrounds, I love this track... thanks for that other review btw lol.

tootsie10 responds:

thanks for the review, i would be happy to be on your ipod!

Not bad.

To be honest I don't like Deadmau5, but this wasn't that bad.


I was sitting here like damn... this makes me think of Kurt Cobaine and I look down and half the reviews are about him.

Gunshy responds:

this song is about him. and some others. but mostly him.


This is definately interesting lol, I wish the beat would have kicked in sooner, but I like this in a weird way, it's so ... charming I guess you could say lol. I ficed the drums on that piece you reviewed if you where wanting to look back into that, thanks for that review btw.

FlightPattern responds:

Hey no prob I'll check it out. Thanks for returning the favor.


I'm positive that if you keep it up you can go somewhere big with this stuff.

Aviated responds:

ha thanks and ill try, im workin on another like this so we'll see how it turns out lol, but thanks again for the review

This is beautiful stuff man,

You asked me for some tips but I can see you already have me beat easily. I would kill for a midi key board so I could have a beat like this one. All I have to add is to make compress the drum's just a little, they have a strong tone but the background music has a more reverbed melodic thing going so they sound a little seperated.

Not all that bad.

I like the overall mood and tone of the piece. Not too much to criticize. I do think it would sound really good with just a bit of reverb or delay to fill in the slightly empty spots between each rest.


You just overlayed some sound clips to a song that adult swim used years ago. You didn't do anything at all.

Tantalis329 responds:

I wouldn't say that I did nothing at all, that is a tad harsh don't you think? It took a while to work on this, and it is a tribute to Adult Swim in the old days, so that was kinda the point. Either way, you are entitled to your opinion, Thanks for the review

"Ephemeral Style." Always Changing.

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